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NEP is also called as Ethyl-pentedrone or n-ethyl-pentedrone. This is classified as a stimulant research chemical that belongs to the cathinone class. The stimulation of ethyl-pentedrone is known to have been caused by the affinity. This is also because of its being an NDRI or norepinephrine dopamine reuptake inhibitor. However, there have been no such scientific studies that confirm this.Buy NEP cathinones online

Related to the Pentedrone

Little research has existed about the ethyl-pentedrone including the parent compound called as pentedrone. All of the information about the dosage that could be found on the internet must be treated with caution as this should not be consumed by humans or animals.Buy NEP cathinones online


With the lack of research about the substance, all discussion considering the pharmacology of it is based upon the subjective effect and structure similarities to some other cathinones like mephedrone and all others. In addition to that, Ethyl-pentedrone functions as both a norepinephrine and dopamine releasing agent or reuptake inhibitor. Buy NEP cathinones online


Ethyl-pentedrone is classified as a cathinone. This means to say that this featured a phenethylamine core having an alkyl group attached to the so-called alpha carbon. The oxygen group is also usually attached to the beta carbon. In addition to that, the cathinones are classified as the beta-ketone analogues of the amphetamines.

Harm Potential and Toxicity

The long-term health effects and the toxicity of recreational NEP use have not yet been completely studied considering the scientific context. Even the right toxic dosage is also not known. This is due to the very reason that NEP has a short history of human usage.

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NJust like the parent compound of NEP, only little data existed about its metabolism, toxicity and pharmacological properties. With its short history of human usage and novelty, all relevant information prior to the use of the compound must really need to be treated with extra caution. Buy NEP cathinones online


There are so many uses or applications that NEP is known for. Learn more about them below.

  • These include the applications to pharmaceuticals and chemicals.
  • This is also simply believed to be valuable in the electronics industry.
  • This is also used as a complete ingredient in the synthetic leather and PU coatings.
  • Actually, this is a colorless and clear liquid. This could be utilized for the applications. This could also be utilized as a solvent in the photoresist stripper formulations.
  • In the electronics industry, it could be utilized as an electrolyte formulation for the electrolytic capacitors.
  • Due to the low freezing point, this could be utilized as a solvent in the cryogenic reaction conditions.
  • This could be utilized being a raw material for the anti-biotics and anti-psychotic productions.
  • This could be used as a solvent for the medicine called as diclofenac like in some topical formulations. This could be utilized as a solvent in the acne remedies.
  • This could also be utilized as a transdermal transport enhancer.
  • This could be utilized in dampening the water for the lithographic printing plates.
  • This could be utilized in forming a jet printing ink.
  • This could also be included as part of the liquid cleaning composition.
  • This could be used as a solvent for some radical polymerization inhibitor
  • This could be utilized as part of composing a detergent for the liquid crystal cell.

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N-Ethyl-(nor)-pentedrone (also known as N-Ethylpentedrone, Ethyl-pentedrone or known as NEP) is a novel synthetic stimulant substance of the cathinone chemical class that produces cathinone-like effects. NEP shares a close structural relationship to its parent compound pentedrone, differing by an addition ethyl group on the terminal nitrogen on the carbon chain. This expansion purportedly makes it around three times as strong as pentedrone. NEP is also closely related to N-Ethylhexedrone (commonly known as Hexen), and has been reported as producing largely-similar effects.

NEP first ended up known in the examination creation exhibit in the midst of 2016. It is an example of a contemporary designer drug specifically chosen to mimic/replace the functional and structural features of its popular potent and short-lived-type stimulant predecessors, which are sometimes imprecisely referred to as “bath salts”.


NEP really shares its basic association with Pentedrone as the parent compound. This varies in view of the ethyl amass included the nitrogen. In such manner, it makes around 3 times intense when contrasted with pentedrone. This is likewise identified with the N-ethylhexedrone. This is additionally known to create the same and gigantic impacts.Buy NEP cathinones online


NEP was once presented in the examination compound industry in the time of 2016. This is influenced known as a contemporary creator to tranquilize that is supplanted or emulate the auxiliary and useful highlights of the well known intense stimulant antecedents. This is likewise once in a while alluded to the “shower salts”.Buy NEP cathinones online


Much the same as the pentederone, little date exists about the digestion, danger and pharmacological properties of n-ethyl-pentedrone. It likewise has its short history of human utilization. All other data that identifies with the utilization of this synthetic substance must be treated with additional care. That is the reason it is recommended to use hurt decrease strategies. This is with respect to picking this substance.Buy NEP cathinones online


With the absence of study and research thinking about the substance, its pharmacology depends on the emotional impact and structure of different cathinones like mephedrone. NEP capacities both as a norepinephrine and dopamine discharging specialist. This will enable norepinephrine and dopamine to amass in the cerebrum. This presently results in euphoric and animating impacts. Notwithstanding that, this is known to have serotonergic properties. Clients have portrayed it quickly that they encountered gentle entactogenic impacts.Buy NEP online


There are loads of emotional impacts that could be felt directly in the wake of utilizing n-ethyl-pentedrone. For example, its physical impacts incorporate vasoconstriction, drying out, material upgrade, material sensations and incitement. Notwithstanding that, its psychological impacts incorporate compassion, friendliness upgrade and love, examination improvement, thought increasing speed and subjective happiness.Buy NEP online

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