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Buy U-49900 powder online

U-49900 is a designer drug that belongs to the category of opioid preparations. The IUPAC name of the substance is trans-3,4-dichloro-N-[2-(diethylamino)cyclohexyl]-N-methyl-benzamide. The molecular formula of this crystalline solid compound is C18H26Cl2N2O. The purity of this chemical is more than 98%. The formula weight of U-49900 is 357.3 g/mol. This opioid drug is considered an equivalent of U-47700 with two methyl replaced into ethyl, though according to the reviews of those, who tried it, they`ve got little in common. Be careful when you buy U-49900 online: although there are people, who “experimented” with this substance, it is not intended for human or animal usage.Buy U-49900 powder online

Buy U-49900 powder online | U-49900 for sale

U-49900 is a designer drug and the only sphere of its usage is research or forensic application. You can buy U-49900 for your studies on our website zanerpharma.com. This opioid analgesic drug influences a special opioid receptor and is reported to be 7.5 times as strong as morphine in animal models. You must be responsible for all the consequences of using this substance if you are looking for U-49900 for sale. We strongly advise you to use this research chemical for forensic or studies aim.

As this is a novel drug, its mechanism of action, physiological and toxicological properties are unknown. Pay attention to the fact that its analogue U-47700 is banned in some countries, so U-49900 may come under restriction too. So the customers should know for sure if U-47700 is legal in their country or state.

Our website offers U-49900 online for scientific purposes. We are a trustworthy and responsible company that gives its customers all possible advantages of buying research chemicals. Our prices are fair and the quality of the substances we sell is very high. So if you are ready to make your order, we are at your service!

U-49900 for sale | Buy U-49900 powder online

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