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Buy 2C-P research chemicals online

The chemical preparation 2C-P is phenylethylamine synthesized by A. Shulgin. This substance possesses a psychedelic effect. The powder 2C-P is probably the most highly effective of all the substances of 2C-group, a worthy adversary in power for him is only 2C-TFM. Alexander Shulgin indicates an average dosage as 6-10 mg. According to the 2C-P trip: the effects depending on the dosage can range from pleasant (psychedelic, hallucinogenic and entheogenic) to the most frightening. A slow action onset of the substance 2C-P is observed, on average, the peak is reached in 3-5 hours. The full action of the drug is ceased in 10-16 hours maximum. Certain similarities with the preparation 2C-E are marked, but the action of 2C-P is more powerful.Buy 2C-P research chemicals online.

Buy 2C-P research chemicals online | 2C-P for sale online

On the website of pharmaceutical chemistry you can Buy 2C-P research chemicals online or leave a short description of your trip (reviews). All the offered powders are intended for laboratory tests. The purity of the substance is more than 99%. We value our customers and deliver only quality goods!Buy 2C-P research chemicals online

2C-P for sale online | Buy 2C-P research chemicals online

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