You will enjoy such benefits like quick operations, the absence of fees for transactions, and all payments will be preceded anonymously. The latter is one of the main advantages of Bitcoins in comparison to other currencies.

In the occasion, you will save more money, remain anonymous and enjoy a nice discount, you should deal with bitcoins. In the case, you are an experienced user with the already existing account you may freely send all transactions to our address of bitcoins. In the event you are a newcomer, you should get familiar with a guide for such operations. There is a possibility to buy bitcoins from immediately from other consumers with any acceptable and available methods to pay. Mind that you are not obliged to show your ID. Make yourself familiar with the steps that are necessary for the successful transactions so that you could send bitcoins to our address afterward.

First of all, prefer the items you want to buy from our resource. Add them to cart and afterward, go to checkout and choose Bitcoins. This will be your payment method. The order should be obligatory confirmed. After the manager proceeds your order, you will receive our Bitcoin address and the number that will include a 10% discount that will be sent in the form of bitcoins. It will look like:

Afterward, you are to follow such stages like:

Step 1.

You should register an account with LocalBitcoins. Thus, you will receive a gratis and safe online Bitcoin wallet. There is no need for additional applications. Under the condition, you already have one you should simply skip the first step.

Step 2.

Visit the main page and fill in the necessary forms. You should mention the amounts of Bitcoin in the needed currency, your place of living and select the most suitable payment method. Possibly, you may not be sure about the acceptable payment method. In such event, simply choose “All online offers.” Afterward, you will receive the access to a list of all possible traders that are active in the location you currently live.

Step 3.

Checking the offer list, you should select a trader. Make sure that his reputation score, as well as some trades, are high enough for you. The green color means that a trader is online. The yellow one stands for “inactive”, and gray color means that a trader is offline. If you require more details about the offer, click the button “Buy.”

Step 4.

Find more details about a definite offer, clicking “Buy.” It will include all requirements of the trade. It is essential to thoroughly read them to make sure that everything fits in. Afterward, you should either submit or deny the offer. If you are not content with the offer, return to the previous menu and look for another offer.

Find the blue box to begin the trade. Mention the desired amount you are willing to buy, indicate the seller message and press “Send” to begin trading. Mind that the operation will be automatically rejected under the condition you will not be able to pay after you complete this step.

Step 5.

Now, that you process the payment, press “completed.” You will receive your Bitcoin(s) as soon as the trader confirms your payment. Your Bitcoin(s) will be immediately available on your account at LocalBitcoins.

This is it! There is nothing else you should do. Now, you know all that is necessary.

After you fulfill all the steps, you may send your bitcoins to our address. If you are ready to send Go to your LocalBitcoins account to send them to our resource. Use the image given below to recognize this function:

Step 6 – Pay for the orders.

To fulfill the transaction, you are to enter the bitcoin address and the precise number of amounts that were given to us at checkout.

It will not take more than a few seconds and minutes until the payment will appear at our Bitcoin address. Our system functions with a precise automation. It will find and notify us about all payments that were processed successfully. Therefore, your payment will be immediately updated and processed. It is pretty simple!

We are not somehow associated with the offered Bitcoin exchanger. We have chosen it thanks to its simplicity of buying bitcoins.

Please, be attentive each time you run any transaction. Each time our bitcoin address will be changed. Accordingly, check whether the address you are sending the payments is correct. In the event, you have any questions you are always welcomed to put them anytime you wish.

In addition, you may use the exchange monitoring to find the exchanges with the lowest commission fees.

In the occasion, you require more details about our service and how it works, in particular, you may watch a special video, which is located on